Recommended Links

This strange little list of links is the perfect slice of what I'm into. I'm big on technology, especially TVs and electronics, and I like to gamble. These are the sites from my personal list of bookmarks that I think anyone with similar interests should be familiar with. Sorry, I'm not taking link requests or planning to expand the list; I consider it a complete list of resources for fellow television and gambling enthusiasts.Recommended

CNET's Television Reviews - I'm really into the latest and greatest in televisions. I don't look at any one source for my info on new TV technology, but if I had to, I'd make it CNET's excellent and often-updated list of reviews.

DMOZ List of Gambling Guides - The Open Directory Project's list of resources under the category "gambling guides" covers everything from the intricate and precise mathematics behind gambling (at sites like The Wizard of Odds) to lists of games and their many rule variations. This is a great place to start when you want to learn something new about gambling.

Probability (for Middle Schoolers) - I wasn't the best student in math, but smart gambling requires at least a working knowledge of probability. I found this resource on probability, aimed at students in middle school, really helpful when I was learning how to play TV casino games. Learn a little about probability and the math behind gambling if you want to improve your casino skills.

Petition to Regulate Online Poker - This petition gained enough traction to get an official response from the White House. The future of online gambling in the US, where I live, is a little murky. Read the official White House position on the regulation of online poker for a good idea of the legal status of online gambling in the US. A must-read for people concerned about American online gambling law.

Compulsive Gambling - Any list of links I could offer that didn't include information for people who may have a gambling addiction would be incomplete. This site, from the US National Library of Medicine, has plenty of information and links on addiction and gambling. Learn if you have a problem or not, and what to do to help yourself or someone you know who is a compulsive gambler.