My name's David and I'm the head honcho here at tvcasinos.org. I'll be responsible for most of the material you read here, but I'm planning on hosting some guest content, too. I suppose I'm pretty much your average Joe: I work for my hometown's waste management service, I've got two kids, and I live your basic American life. What propelled a guy like me to start a website? About

Every weekend, sometimes Saturday, sometimes Sunday, for a couple of hours I take what I call "David time." I set my regular home TV set up to broadcast and play online casino games. For those few hours a month, I like to imagine myself as a casino VIP, driving into Vegas in a limo stuffed with cash. The truth is, I don't spend a ton of money on my hobby, and I get hours of relaxing and sometimes profitable entertainment. For those few hours, my television becomes my dealer.

Using my TV to broadcast online casino games transports my ordinary man cave into my own home casino. This website came out of a desire to share my experience playing at online casinos, to talk a little about how I've hooked my TV up to connect to Internet betting sites, and to share a little information about gambling as I go. Consider this website an extension of my hobby, a way to help other people learn the ins and outs of Web-based gambling, especially people who use their TVs to do it.

I'm pretty new at all of this - web design, blogging, etc. - so feel free to leave me a note if you know a way I can improve my site. Thanks for your interest, and good luck out there, whether you spin the roulette wheel, wait for the lucky dice playing craps, or spend your bankroll at online slot machines.