Privacy Policy

Myself, David, and all of my associates, guests, and assistants that run take a simple but serious approach to Internet privacy. We are all very concerned about our own privacy, so naturally we're interested in the safety of people who visit our site. Here is our easy-to-understand policy statement regarding our site:Privacy Policy

1. We Reserve the Right to Use Analytics

Internet security is all about sharing information; we all want to know how our details are collected and used. The only information we will gather or use from visitors to our site is of the kind freely available via your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your browser. These details, such as your location, the type of browser you use, and your preferred language, are used by analytics programs to help us tailor our content to what you want to read. This practice is common across the Internet, and we will analyze this basic data to better serve our site's visitors, but NOT to gather data and sell or transfer it to a third party.

2. You Have the Right to Browse Anonymously

If you choose, you can browse our site as an anonymous visitor, which will prevent us from even gathering that basic information mentioned above. We give our visitors the right to browse anonymously, if they so choose, as a sign of our commitment to Internet privacy.

3. We Do Not Use Cookies

Cookies are files used by websites to record data about visitors - many cookies are totally safe and just gather the same data mentioned in the Analytics paragraph above, though some sites run what is known as malware through the use of cookies. Malware can cause a wide range of nasty things to happen, and is a major source for identity thieves. We avoid the issue altogether - doesn't use any cookies; our Internet host may, and we might run ads from time to time that use cookies, but you'll never see us adding any files to your computer to gather information about your browsing habits, etc.

That's about as cut and dried as it gets; if you have any questions about our privacy policy, leave us a comment. We want our policy to be an open book. Any changes to this policy will be noted by a change in the date of publication.